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Digital Innovation and Smart Agriculture

Green Frog Systems will be exhibiting at the inaugural Greater Hamilton Digital Innovation and Smart Agriculture Festival (DISA) at the Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre from May 21 -24 2019 [GET DIRECTIONS].

Keith Gillard, General Manager of Green Frog Systems will be providing an insight into the many benefits and positive outcomes that rural and Regional Councils have experienced by investing in connected device technologies such as Smart Lighting.

The discussion will be focused on the potential for communities to achieve the benefits of connected smart city technologies through solar powered lighting infrastructure.

Extending the ‘Smart Cities’ IoT agenda beyond the limitations of the energy supply grid offers substantial improvements to more isolated regions delivering great improvements to issues of public safety and property security.

Green Frog Systems have experience, being one of the earliest pioneers and adopters of smart city technology in Australia, deploying multiple Smart Lighting projects across metropolitan regions as well as some of the most remote communities in the country.

You can read about our one of our smart street lighting projects here >>

Smart Street Lighting Deployed in Katherine NT

digital innovation and smart agriculture 2019

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