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Can I Retrofit Solar Lighting to an Existing Pole?

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Whether you can retrofit solar lighting to one of your existing poles is determined by asking two questions:
  • Will the existing pole withstand the extra weight of the solar system?
  • Is the existing pole in a shadow-free area where direct sunlight is available?

Will the existing pole withstand the extra weight of the solar system?

Because of the additional weight and sail area (wind loading) when installing a solar lighting system, your pole will need to be manufactured and rated to withstand this. If your current pole is suitable for the increased weight and sail area, then yes you can consider retrofitting solar lighting to an existing pole. If the existing pole has not been built to withstand the extra weight, it will need to be replaced with a stronger pole.

Is the existing pole in a shadow-free area where direct sunlight is available?

As solar lighting relies on sunlight to operate, the solar panel will need to be installed in a shadow-free area under direct sunlight, where there are no trees obscuring the panel. If your existing pole is not located in such an area, then the solar lighting system will be inefficient or in some cases not operate. However, if the existing pole is in a shadow-free area with direct sunlight then yes you can consider retrofitting solar lighting to an existing pole.

So can I retrofit solar lighting to my existing pole?

If you answered yes to both questions, then it is possible for you to retrofit solar lighting to an existing pole. Green Frog Systems’ Kit Form Solar Street Lights : GFS-200-KT and GFS-400-KT are purpose built solutions designed to mount on an existing pole, replacing mains powered street lighting and offering an environmentally friendly, off-grid solution.

If you answered no to one of the above questions, then you will need to reconsider using your existing pole. Our (Everything you need to install except the concrete) GFS-200 & GFS-400 Solar Street Lights offer the option to include poles that have been engineered and rated for the weight and sail area of the solar systems.

Is there someone who could help me determine if a solar lighting retrofit is suitable for my project?

You can contact our experienced lighting specialists who will assist you in finding the best solution for your project. If your existing pole is not feasible, our specialists can also help you to find an alternative solar lighting solution that is economical and efficient over the long term.

Solar Lighting Benefits for Your Community

How Solar Lighting Benefits Your Community

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Solar Benefits for Your Community Infographic

How does Solar Lighting Benefit Councils, Communities, Parks & Recreational Areas?

Renewable energy solutions such as solar lighting can create future-proof sustainable systems for your community, allowing councils to provide public lighting assets that; make their community feel safer, avoid the costs of trenching, underground cabling or an electrician, and can save both on long-term energy costs and protect our environment.

1. Positive Social Impact

Public lighting assets have a significant social impact on your community. The installation of more illumination increases the public’s feelings of safety and security, which in turn drives an increase in the use of public assets such as leisure areas, parks, gardens and pathways.

By ultimately extending the number of light hours in a day, members of the community can spend more time in your public spaces; creating opportunities for more outdoor activities such as fitness groups, after work visits to dog parks, or for those commuting via bike or foot during the night hours.

While grid-tied public lighting can have similar social benefits, solar lighting goes even further in meeting the needs of your community through its significant cost benefits and positive environmental impact.

2. Significant Cost Benefits

There are significant cost benefits gained when installing solar lighting systems, particularly in areas where the infrastructure costs of traditional lighting are more significant. By using solar lighting systems, you can now bring the benefits of lighting to your community where previously it was far too costly. Some economic benefits of solar lighting include:

  • No Trenching Costs – There are significant costs involved in trenching and wiring for traditional lighting systems, which can get even higher when you add in a remote location, landscape issues or the costs of disruption to public areas. Solar lighting systems remove all this worry, with the ability to be installed anywhere, anytime with no need for trenching.
  • No Energy Costs/Utility Fees – By implementing solar as a renewable energy, solar lighting creates a stand-alone, grid free system which removes the ongoing costs of grid energy. This is especially economical in today’s energy industry, with the cost of grid supplied power only increasing.
  • Easy to Install – Green Frog Systems solar lighting solutions were engineered to be easy to install, with systems being delivered to clients in an easy to assemble kit form along with plug and play wiring that can be installed without needing an electrician. By making the systems easier to install, there are significant cost savings in the number of works crew members required for installation.

3. Positive Environmental Impact

As a renewable energy, solar lighting uses the infinite power of the sun to create energy instead of fossil fuels – reducing your communities carbon footprint. It is important that both councils and their communities work towards a more sustainable, green and environmentally friendly future for the generations to come.

Without reliance on the grid, solar lighting systems can be put in place anywhere and any time that you need it. This means that you can install our solar lighting systems without disrupting the environment as you would with standard trenching for installation.

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New Staff Welcomed to the Team, We Just Keep Growing!

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new staff member pictures with names and business area

Green Frog Systems is excited to announce the appointment of four new staff members due to an incredible period of growth across Australia, and with our continued expansion into overseas markets including the USA, UK and NZ.

We would like to give a huge welcome to our new team members:

Andrew Nicholls, who has joined our Engineering team to assist with the development of our product range. Andrew has decades of technical and operational management experience in the Solar PV and electrical-electronics industries, to bring along a pragmatic and informed perspective to his key role – to ensure the innovative engineering ideas and systems design to our expanding range of solar LED lighting projects worldwide. He also combines his vast technical background in this industry, as a highly respected and informative lecturer of electrical engineering subjects at TAFESA institutions in South Australia.

Steven Zang, who has also joined our Engineering team focusing on inventory control, document checking, product repairs and supplier management. Steven has moved to Australia, following his role as an Electrical Engineer for a multi-national company in Singapore where he was involved in electrical circuit design, project management and product testing. Steven enjoys being able to work within the Solar industry in a fast-paced environment where he can learn new skills and technologies. He is eager to learn more about living and working in Australia and getting familiar with the community.

Lauren Myers, who has joined our Marketing team to work on all things Digital. Following the completion of her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Lauren gained experience in the field at a South Australian Non-Profit, assisting with the management of multiple brands and their digital presence, before spending six months traveling the world to broaden her understanding of people and culture. After an educational experience overseas, she is excited to build a well-rounded and meaningful career in the digital space. Lauren hopes in her role to focus on how we can better communicate with customers meaningfully while helping to educate the larger community about important issues such as renewable energy.

Chris Gricks, who has most recently joined our Sales team to identify opportunities and further stimulate growth in new and existing business throughout SA, WA, VIC and Tas. Previously Chris was working as a Territory Manager in the medical industry, selling capital and consumable products to hospitals and day surgeries. Other previous roles include selling to the Allied Health Professionals and working as a Biomedical Engineer. Chris is enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring together his experience in sales and development, along with his engineering background in his new role. He is very interested in the continually growing opportunities surrounding solar powered products – and of course working with a great team!

We welcome our new team members with open arms and are tremendously excited to continue growing our talented and diverse team.

carbon neutral Adelaide postcard

Carbon Neutral Adelaide

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carbon neutral adelaide

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide. As a Partner, Green Frog Systems has been recognised for our commitment and contribution towards reducing emissions, helping to make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program celebrates and empowers business and community organisations to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, while providing leadership and encouraging others to take action.

As the world’s first carbon neutral city, the City of Adelaide will be a showcase for embracing the economic, social and environmental opportunities of responding to climate change, including the uptake of renewable energy and clean, smart technologies such as the range of solar lighting that Green Frog Systems has to offer.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide will provide a platform to attract new investment to the City and the State and create opportunities for local business, innovation and new industries. Carbon Neutral Adelaide will strengthen Adelaide’s reputation as a smart, green, liveable and creative city.

Green Frog Systems will continue to be a leader in the solar lighting space, creating innovative products, educating consumers and government bodies, and ultimately introducing solar lighting throughout not only Adelaide but around the world.

To find out more information about the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program and how you can play your part visit

National Government Association 2019


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National Government Association 2019
ALGA NGA 2019 Canberra
Well that’s a wrap for the 2019 National General Assembly in Canberra.

Last Sunday the team arrived at Canberra greeted by a very chilly 3° morning to set up the Green Frog stand for our second year at the conference.

There was a great response from the audience as our Managing Director David Wilson explained to the National General Assembly how to ‘Take Smart Cities Off the Grid’ and encouraged Councils to consider the benefits of solar power when investing in vital infrastructure such as public lighting.

The team were thrilled with the interest shown towards some of the upcoming technology and having the opportunity to chat with Mayors and Councillors from 534 Local Government Associations (LGA) across Australia about their expanding infrastructure needs as communities continue to grow.

It is critical that newly built infrastructure is future focused, which is why we continue to develop solar powered products that outperform traditional grid-reliant lighting.

We hope to see you again next year!

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road safety camapign

Road Safety Campaign

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road safety camapign
Lighting increases safety at rest areas, not only aiding the personal safety and security of users but also by improving visibility from the road. Mains connected lighting can be costly to install and is dependent on access to services but in remote areas such a country and regional roads, solar lighting is generally more appropriate.


You can see the Green Frog System Road Safety Initiative HERE or by clicking on the image above.

digital innovation and smart agricultural festival 2019

DISA Festival 2019

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Green Frog Systems will be exhibiting at the inaugural Greater Hamilton Digital Innovation and Smart Agriculture Festival (DISA) at the Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre from May 21 -24 2019 [GET DIRECTIONS].

Keith Gillard, General Manager of Green Frog Systems will be providing an insight into the many benefits and positive outcomes that rural and Regional Councils have experienced by investing in connected device technologies such ad Smart Lighting.

The discussion will be focused on the potential for communities to achieve the benefits of connected smart city technologies through solar powered lighting infrastructure.

Extending the ‘Smart Cities’ IoT agenda beyond the limitations of the energy supply grid offers substantial improvements to more isolated regions delivering great improvements to issues of public safety and property security.

Green Frog Systems have experience, being one of the earliest pioneers and adopters of smart city technology in Australia, deploying multiple Smart Lighting projects across metropolitan regions as well as some of the most remote communities in the country.

You can see more from us on Smart Street Lighting technology in this older post>>

Smart Street Lighting Deployed in Katherine NT

battery recycling scheme

Battery Recycling Scheme

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Green Frog Systems are an environmentally responsible business in line with our focus on light and energy storage solutions operating on renewable energy. To further enhance the communities’ efforts on reducing unnecessary landfill, we are proud to be launching our “battery take back scheme” in what we believe is a first of this kind for an Australian solar lighting manufacturer.

battery recycling scheme

Each year, a staggering 8,000 tonnes of battery waste ends up in landfill, risking our wildlife and the broader environment.

That’s why Green Frog Systems offers a ‘back to base battery return scheme’ for those batteries distributed with our range of solar powered street lights and solar energy storage systems.

By returning used batteries from any of our solar street lighting kits back to Green Frog Systems, or any of the other ABRI members (Australian Battery Recycling Initiative), you will be doing your part to reduce the thousands of tonnes of batteries that end up in landfill each and every year.

Green Frog Systems ‘back to base battery return scheme’ demonstrates our leadership and commitment to sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. This also complies with our international quality accreditation ISO 14001:2015 and PAS 99:2012.

battery recycling scheme
How does the battery recycling scheme work?


Either drop your used batteries from our GFS-200, GFS-400 Solar Street Lights or any one of our GFS-200/400/600 solar energy storage systems back to Green Frog Systems Head Office at 51 Langford St. Pooraka, South Australia 5095 [GET DIRECTIONS] or, for other locations across Australia contact one of the other ABRI members listed below.

The ABRI or Australian Battery Recycling Initiative is a not-for-profit association established in 2008 to promote responsible environmental management of batteries at end of life.

ABRI members provide a collection and recycling service for used automotive and other lead acid batteries. Contact the company or check their web site for details.

If you are a commercial business or if you have a large number of batteries, you can arrange for collection and recycling of used batteries through the following ABRI members (with a fee for service).

battery recycliong scheme
Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is the Battery Recycling Service Free?
Answer: Yes. This service is totally free for our clients nationally and applies to any of our GFS-200, GFS-400 & GFS 200/300/600-ESS Solar Energy Storage unit batteries. These are the sealed AGM gel type batteries.

Question: Does Green Frog Systems pay freight charges to return batteries?
Answer: No. Presently this is a ‘back to base’ offer only.

Question: Why are we offering this Service?
Answer: Unlike Europe, there is no compulsory battery-recycling program for batteries in Australia. As such, over 300 million batteries end up in landfill each year. See [ Battery regulations around the world ]

Question: Will this service be available in my location?
Answer: You can return the batteries ‘back to base’ at the Green Frog Systems Head Office, located at 51 Langford St. Pooraka, South Australia 5095 or contact one of the other ABRI members listed.

Question: Where can I recycle other battery sizes?
Answer: Customers wishing to return other battery sizes (including coincell, Lantern batteries and Mobile Phone Batteries) should visit The Planet Ark Recycling Near You website

Question: Can I bring back any brand of batteries even though I did not buy them from Green Frog Systems?
Answer: No. Our Battery Recycling Program is only available for batteries obtained with a Green Frog Systems branded product at this stage.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of batteries I can return at one time?
Answer: No. You are welcome to return as many batteries as you want provided they are from Green Frog Systems solar street light / solar energy storage products.

Question: What happens to the batteries after they get collected?
Answer: The batteries are collected by one of our specialist recycling partners, sorted and returned to recycling plants that extract reusable materials for re-cycling.

battery recycling sign
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