the City of Salisbury in South Australia approached us to develop a solar powered energy storage system that could store solar electricity and power 5 irrigation controllers within the district.


  1. The internal solar controller system required complete re programming to facilitate the new functionality
  2. Had to be highly vandal resistant and completely sealed and lockable to prevent anyone other than the Council from tampering with the unit.


We decided the simplest option would be to develop a modified version of the GFS-200 solar powered street lights with no luminaire or outrigger (the arm that extends the light away from pole). This would attach the irrigation controller cabinet to the pole at head height so it can be accessed for timer programming.


We might be a little bit biased but we think it looks pretty tidy! Not to mention it’s saving the Salisbury Council a considerable amount of money compared with the fixed supply charges they were previously paying!

solar powered irrigation conytroller