So Stealth-like you’d never know it was solar

GFS-Stealth solar pathway light Victor Harbour SA
The new GFS Stealth® has been identified as the most disruptive commercial solar lighting product available on the market today and has a stunning array of unique features and benefits. A remarkable feature is that it doesn’t look like solar lighting product at all, and it offers unparalleled illumination compared to LED. The Stealth is more powerful than conventional lighting it’s hard to believe the Stealth is a solar light: see for yourself. We talked to Doug Underdown, Green Frog Systems National Sales Manager to find out more.

Tell us more about the Stealth “This is without doubt the most attractive solar light on the market with its aesthetic, architectural design, people are literally blown away when they see if for the first time. We talk to customers in industry and local councils up and down the country every day, and they really find it hard to believe its solar because it doesn’t look the way traditional solar lighting does. We wanted to change perceptions of solar by making a product that forces people to look at solar lighting in a completely different way.

Before we get into the features of the product itself Doug, tell us what problem The Stealth fixes.

“Well if you’re looking to make your communities and open spaces safer and more accessible for the public, this is the most powerful lighting weapon in your suburban armoury. When design is also an important factor, you want your lighting to look less industrial and less clunky. The Stealth is incredibly well made with the highest quality of components on the inside and the outside. It’s the edge-less solar panel technology and the angle of the light which makes it an incredibly sleek lighting product. It really blends in aesthetically into architectural landscapes and all types of residential communities.”

What about the light though?

“The Stealth throws way more light than anything else on the market currently and its definitely one of the number one factors that impresses people the most. We put a lot of energy into designing our lenses to throw considerably more light, and further than anything else on the market. Therefore, it offers a greater flexibility in pole spacing to meet our client’s requirements. Our lens options are specifically engineered for pathways and open spaces to give an even and accurate light spread. With a multitude of applications to give our clients complete choice. The Stealth is ideal for pathways, car parks and anywhere where you need an ultra-reliable light with complete clarity. What’s even more cool is that the unit doesn’t require orientation north and still performs on cloudy days! It does much more than traditional solar lighting and it looks great too!”

Apart from the way it looks Doug, what else makes this product poles apart from everything else on the market right now?

“It’s inside the unit, where this product features shine. The Stealth has been made from the highest quality of components to make it totally robust and reliable. It has been tried and tested in the harshest of Australian weather and will keep the lights on even in flood conditions. The Stealth has also been designed with the future in mind, providing capability for smart city concepts and a host of optional accessories including camera. The Stealth is already being showcased in Australian Future Cities events across the country with our strategic partner AFN Solutions, a majority owned subsidiary of Telstra. It been built to military grade too, so this unit is built ultra-reliable, the ultimate in performance, and it’s intelligent too. The Stealth is the perfect green lighting solution, ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly and sustainable”

Thanks Doug. If anyone wants to know more about The Stealth, how can they find out more?

“Our lighting experts are available if anyone wants to know more they can contact us through the website or call us on (08) 7200 3909. We’ll be more than happy to share our product brochure and a full list of features and benefits and technical data. They can also email me directly at and I will be more than happy to get in touch to share case studies and talk about their requirements in more detail.”

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