• During a site visit to Karratha in WA, the Green Frog Systems team stopped in to speak to The Town of Port Hedland about their current lighting systems. It was highlighted that the Town required new street lighting with their old systems needing replacement due to the demanding coastal weather conditions. Any new system to be implemented would be required to meet the lighting level under the Australian Lighting Standards and Requirements from the Council, be able to withstand the demanding conditions posed by being directly on the coast and had to be a cost-effective solution.


Cemetery Beach Lighting Upgrade (Smart City Option)


  • The use of a smart system has allowed the Council to easily manage and control all their street lighting assets. This system lets the Council know when the lights aren’t performing as they should, allowing them to only send out workers for maintenance when required, instead of having to undertake frequent checks to make sure the lights are functioning. The solution allowed the council to have control over the lighting levels throughout the public area and reduce overall asset maintenance costs.


case study for smart connected street lighting for coastal car park at cemetary beach in Port Hedland WA
Smart street lighting at Port Hedland
sentinel 50 street lights
sentinel-50 smart LED street lighting in public space
street lighting of car park with 50w sentinel
coast install of 50w street lights
sentinel-50 smart LED street lighting in public space