solar energy storage system
GFS-300/600-ES Energy Storage SystemGFS-300/600-ES Energy Storage System

GFS 200/300/600


In remote, off grid areas where the weather is tough and unpredictable, you need more than just light from your lighting system. You need a back-up plan for when extreme weather kicks in and your mains power kicks out. Introducing GFS 200, 300 and 600® ES series of Advanced Energy Storage Systems. Robust, impact resistant vandal, corrosion and tamper proof solar panels mounted on a 6-meter pole. Built for industrial spaces, highway underpasses and tunnels. It’s standalone energy storage capability makes it the most efficient, ultra-reliable energy storage systems for remote and off-grid locations.

Tough • Impenetrable • Powerful


  • Smart Connected Compatibility
  • Cyclone Weather Rating
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Durable Construction & Components
  • Fully Galvanized Reinforced Steel
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Zero Maintenance System
  • 12 to 48VDC Output
  • In Built Lightning Surge Arrestor



  • Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Safe Consistent Performance & Lifespan
  • Impact Resistant, Vandal Proof
  • Ultra Reliable. Built to Last
  • Fully Customer Endorsed
  • Protected Against Extreme Weather
  • 100% Australian Product
  • Unrivaled Output Regardless of Weather
  • Ultra Reliable – No Running Costs



  • Mobile Repeater Stations
  • Pumping Stations
  • Lighting Systems


200W | 300w | 600w


  • Solar Powered Mobile and Radio Repeater Stations
  • Solar Powered Pumping Stations
  • Solar Powered Lighting Systems
  • Solar Powered Battery Storage Systems

Additional Information

  • Total height 6.13M
  • Hole dimensions 650mm x 1100mm

Whether you live in a remote location without reliable grid access, or simply want a clean, free energy alternative. The 200-ES, 300-ES or 600-ES can be used to decrease your energy consumption or as an entirely independent off-grid system that can provide a completely renewable power alternative. Ideal for agriculture, primary industries, or commercial applications including public infrastructure and development.