cyclone rated solar street light
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GFS-200-RD Solar Street Light

6m Region D Category 2 Cyclone Rated Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lighting Built to withstand the Highest National Cyclone Standards. Fully certified Solar light solutions from Region A,B,C,D which covers all of Australia.

Ultra-Rigid Construction, Featuring Fully Sealed Flood & Vandal Resistant Battery Enclosure.

Product Description



  • 24V DC operation – meaning NO need for electricians to install or repair this system
  • Simple footing design (650 diameter hole)
  • Colour coded quick release wiring system for simple installation no screwdrivers required
  • No photo sensor (day night switch) which is 90% of failures in street lights.
  • No underground services required (No electrical power needed, our solar street light is fully self sufficient for power up to 14 hours a day)
  • All batteries and electronics are stored above ground level (keeps reliability high and servicing easy)
  • Maintenance does NOT require pole to be lowered
  • High vandal resistance (heavy duty guard on back of solar panel, and poly-carbonate lens on light for high rock resistance



  • Designed for use in areas prone to Tropical Storms and Cyclonic Winds (up to 262km/h)
  • 30W and 60W Solar Street Light
  • Zero Maintenance System
  • DIY Installation – Low Voltage 24VDC


  • LED – High strength Poly-carbonate + Aluminium
  • Solar Panel – Impact resistant solar panel with stone guard
  • Battery Storage – 10mm plate steel with recessed security screws
  • Advanced LED Compensation Technology – Compensates for broken LED chips if damaged by impact


  • IP65 with complete unit able to withstand full immersion
  • IP68 waterproof connectors
  • Fully Galvanised 3-16mm thick steel
  • Re-enforced metalwork with stainless fixings
  • Ideal in high winds and cyclone rated areas
  • Underground cage footings as part of kit to Australian standards
  • All nuts, bolts washers, Serial number plate, installation manual & security key are supplied in durable transport kit


  • 205W Mono-crystalline with toughened glass and re-enforced frame, tuned for optimum low light and winter performance


  • Advanced charging system measures ambient and battery temperature; Varies the charge current, increasing battery life expectancy by up to 4 X even in desert or tropical environments
  • Over discharge, short circuit, reverse polarity protection
  • 2 x Sealed high quality GEL AGM 75Ah batteries (150Ah) With water-proof connectors (*7-10 years expected life)


  • Dusk till Dawn automatic operation with 5-6 days battery backup (30W unit)
  • Designed to charge effectively, even in overcast / rainy locations
  • Up to 14 hour a night operation in most weather conditions
  • Proven performance in tropical, desert, beachfront and wet locations

LED (30W & 60W)

  • 28 x CREE USA made LED in 2 x 14 banks
  • Maximum Efficacy 30W-3900lm 60W-7800lm
  • Light Efficiency <100Lm/W
  • Quick release waterproof IP-68 connector (no wiring required)
  • Roadway, floodlight or combination lenses available
  • Easily Adjustable LED angle to adjust light throw / spill light direction
  • Inbuilt LED driver in base of pole


  • 3.1  P1-P12, AS60598 Australian Certified LED
  • AS1214, IEC61347,AS60598,AS1170, AS4600, AS4680,AS3600, AS4671
  • Location specific AS1158.3.1 certifications available
  • Typical spacing 40-50m
  • Australian certified engineering reports for wind regions A-D in Australia
    *Region A, Importance level 1 wind case A4,A6,A8,A10 267KM/hr up to Category 4 winds
    *Region B  Importance level 1 wind case B2,B4,B6,B8,B10 267KM/hr up to Category 4 winds
    *Region C Importance level 1  Wind case C1,C3,C5,C7,C9, Category 4 winds 267KM/hr
    *Region D Importance level 1  Wind case D3,D5,D7,D9 Category 4 winds 267KM/hr


  • Total height 6.13M
  • LED height 5.3M on 1.2M outrigger
  • Hole dimensions 650mm x 1100mm


  • Standard – Dusk till Dawn Auto On/OFF
  • Full brightness (30W unit only)
  • Programmable ON_OFF  1-14 hours
  • + 5-100% dimming
  • 1-4 hours before Dusk ON auto sensing
  • 5-100% dimming in any program modes



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