Our Story (so far) …

Founded in 2011 by David Wilson, Green Frog Systems Pty Ltd started the business with a focus on designing and installing rooftop solar systems for residential and commercial properties. South Australia is known as the driest state in the driest inhabited continent, making it the ideal location for designing solar lighting products suitable to operate reliably in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

David’s experience in solar led him to recognise that the market lacked any high-quality solar lighting for roads, pathways and other commercial and community applications. And so, the business focused on designing solar lighting products as well as energy storage solutions suited to a range of applications. As a result of David’s attention to detail, quality design and engineering, Green Frog Systems was awarded a state Government tender to ‘illuminate the Flinders Ranges’ by deploying the first generation of the GFS-200 solar street light.

This initial recognition established the foundation for Green Frog Systems and the future of Solar Lighting across a range of applications.

Becoming a world-class manufacturer

Green Frog Systems Pty Ltd (and Green Frog Systems Inc) has achieved success across Australia and International markets. Our rapid growth in recent years is built on us becoming a world-class, advanced electronics manufacturer that sources quality components through a global supply chain and controlled under our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certifications.


Entrepreneurs’ Programme of the Australian Government

In 2018 Green Frog Systems received grant funding for Future Smart Cities development under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Federal Entrepreneurs’ Programme. This investment has enabled the company to accelerate innovation that has led to new lighting, solar energy and management products while supporting enhanced business operations and our expansion into new overseas markets.

You can see the official press release here

A bright future

Green Frog Systems is helping to shape the future of smart communities by delivering the backbone infrastructure to necessary to move people beyond the mains grid through sustainable technologies. The economic and environmental benefits of solar energy built on a well-designed and reliable product line, backed by strong values of Trust, Integrity, Quality and Professionalism, supports our team’s objective to Make a Difference.