Solar Street Lighting Kits

Pioneers of plug and play lighting technology in easy to install kit format.



The best solar pathway lighting in the world. This robust, unrivaled technology offers outstanding performance in all weather conditions.



Versatile solar car park lighting engineered to meet national and international standards.



Smart City capability with Intelligent, connected lighting technologies


Solar Energy Storage Systems

Impact Resistant, Vandal proof, High Capacity Solar Energy Storage Systems 200w | 300w | 600w Low Voltage DC Output for Pumps, Irrigation, Radio, CCTV, Lighting

road safety camapign

With rising power costs globally, business leaders and local governments are increasingly turning to renewables as a more efficient and cost-effective solution for lighting. Moreover, with the acceptance of the smart city concept, supporting renewable energy has become a vote winner for government and our communities demand it.

Why Green Frog Systems?

Tried & Tested Lighting

Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial solar street lighting and solar pathway lighting. Easy to install, plug and Play solar street lighting kits that are tried and tested for harsh global environments.

Reliable Energy Storage Systems

Smart, robust and reliable solar storage systems put you firmly in control. Giving you the power, you need in remote and off grid locations. We design sophisticated solar energy storage systems that will minimise or eliminate your mains energy consumption and give you green credentials.

Innovative Custom Solutions

Our engineering expertise is at your disposal through our consultancy and custom lighting and storage capability. We understand the scope and scale of your project in all of its complexity to deliver solar & LED lighting for a diverse applications regardless of scale.


The Australian Designed Advantage

Australian industry has a reputation for making a difference in the world through technology, with Australia making its global reputation in manufacturing products and produce that meet high Australian standards. Backed with a federal grant to design and innovate future technologies, Green Frog Systems, a proudly South Australian company is rapidly advancing its global presence and advancing the Australian reputation for design and innovation. That means you can have confidence in our quality and you can be sure that Green Frog Systems products are tried and tested.

Next-Gen Lighting

Globally recognised, world class research and engineering expertise goes into the innovation of Green Frog Systems unique solar lighting and energy storage technologies.

Smart City Ready

Being a “smart city” isn’t just about having fast internet. The world is gathering data to make cities safer, healthier, more sustainable, reliable and efficient. We are Smart City ready.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian innovation, technology researched, designed and developed right here in South Australia.

Global Capability

Green Frog Systems has global presence with a physical network capability throughout extending beyond Australia and New Zealand, to Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.