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Solar Pathway Lights

While many manufacturers and suppliers may offer solar lighting solutions for common outdoor applications such as:

  • Bike paths
  • Tracks and trails
  • Walkways
  • Parks and landscapes
  • Public spaces

At Green Frog Systems, we go beyond the basics by providing the reliable performance of an Australian designed solar lighting solution for a variety of commercial pathway applications, including:

  • Educational campuses
  • Hospitals and medical grounds
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Sports complexes and stadiums
  • Car parking areas and garages
  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Resorts and hospitality venues
  • Residential complexes
  • Industrial sites and warehouses

Our commitment to sustainability and quality means that our solar lighting products are not only cost effective, but also optimised to be highly energy efficient and long-lasting.

Choose Green Frog Systems for your solar pathway lighting needs and experience the difference.