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Bruce Highway, Mackay, QLD

105 Portable solar street lighting towers ensured the Bruce Highway construction zone moved along as the project progressed offering improved visibility for motorists.

  • Portable, relocatable solution with no emissions or dependence on mains grid power.

  • Zero emissions solution, offering extensive fuel savings over traditional solutions such as fuel/diesel generators.

  • Zero noise and no fumes, allowing installation in proximity to residential areas.

  • Can be relocated or moved into position with a forklift with the light attached.

  • Designed for the harshest environments with high wind resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Optional Smart City control system via SAM to ensure all night operation and optimised charging and storage.

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Temporary Solar Ligthing Tower
solar light tower on concrete block at mining camp in USA
Temporary Solar Light with Twin Head LED

Temporary & Portable
Solar Lighting Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Silent night time operation

  • Better for residential areas

  • No hazardous fuel storage

  • Easy to install and relocate

  • Safe & efficient operation

  • No fuel or energy costs

temporary solar lighting on a concrete block
Portable Solar Lighting
Solar Lighting at St. Kilda Breakwater

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