• Regional Roads Victoria contacted Green Frog Systems as they were looking for reliable solar lights for 2.4km (7874′) of pathway along the foreshore in Lakes Entrance. The project required lights that could be controlled remotely, had a long lifespan (15 years minimum) and would have lower life cycle costs. The East Gippsland Shire council in which Lakes Entrance sits required a lighting solution that could withstand difficult coastal foreshore conditions, where mains power was unfeasible and damaging to the environment. The council was also eager to showcase cutting edge technology.


  • Under a pilot program for Green Frog Systems’ ASPIRE solar street light, nine ASPIRE systems were placed along the 400 metres (1013′) of foreshore path, with connectivity for SAM (Solar Activity Monitoring). The ASPIRE unit brings the latest in efficient solar lighting technology, while meeting architectural design principles. Even on the coastal boardwalk in Lakes Entrance, the solar lights are not a distraction from the stunning natural environment. The SAM system can be centrally controlled via the web, allowing the council to operate each light when needed, for example turning off all lighting during New Year’s Eve fireworks.


  • The ASPIRE & SAM combination allowed us to provide a solution that could stand up to coastal conditions, be centrally controlled and perform reliably with plenty of back up battery power. The installers were pleased with how easy the lights were to assemble and install, and the pilot program is currently underway.


SAM solar activity monitoring control system
smart solar path lights at East Gippsland Shire In Victoria
solar pathway lighting project at East Gippsland Shire In Victoria
smart solar lighting at Lakes Entrance
smart solar pathway lights at Lakes Entrance In Victoria
smart solar path lights at Lakes Entrance

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