• Having recently adopted overnight parking strategies for tourists, the City of Greater Geraldton needed more effective lighting for the parking area, which comprised of six parking bays with free 24-hour parking for non-self-contained motorised camper vans and vehicles. The City needed a solution that would be not only cost-effective and resistant to extreme climate conditions, but that would help them to take further steps towards sustainability within their community.


  • Our GFS-200 solar street light system provided the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for the project. Having an easy to install kit available allowed us to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional grid-powered car park lighting. Being in a cyclone prone area, it was a perfect fit to install the cyclone rated light poles that can withstand some of the harshest conditions on the planet. The highly effective 15m light distribution also meant that the car park would be as well-lit as possible with only three GFS-200 systems.


  • Using our solar powered lights meant that running electrical lines to the poles was no longer required, which significantly reduced the City’s below ground infrastructure costs and electricity usage fees. The quality spread of the GFS-200 is helping to activate the car park area, which will assist in reducing antisocial behaviour within the area.


“The complete system, including poles, panels and batteries, was delivered in individual components which were easily assembled by City staff before being installed on site, saving on expensive oversize freight costs”

Mayor Shane Van Styn | City of Greater Geraldton


“On behalf of Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue Group I would like to express our appreciation for the fantastic solar lighting that you have had recently installed in the Point Moore car park, next to our base. Our members have expressed their feelings of feeling so much safer entering & exiting the base at night. Thank you again from us all at GVMRG.”

Debbie Jones | Secretary, Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue Group

Voolunteer Marine rescue Geraldton
solar car park lighting at Point Moore WAe
Commisioning the solar street lights in the Point moore car parking area
solar street light installed on the coast at Point Moore
solar street light at Point Moore coastline car park
Solar carpark lighting at the Point Moore Costline Parking Area
point moore car park before shot


point moore carpark after shot