• Uniting is the community services ministry of the Uniting Church, a not-for-profit offering care and support services for all ages and stages of life across NSW and the ACT, including aged care. Uniting were looking for a solar lighting solution to illuminate their updated service site identification signage. The sign lighting had to illuminate the white writing on the sign panel to help aged care residents, workers and visitors identify their location. It was important that the solar panels were unobtrusive, the lighting would make the sign writing easy to read at night, throughout the night and that the system would be easy to install.


  • Most strip lighting is low voltage and cannot be dimmed, however the Green Frog Systems engineering team were able to develop a modified version of the tried and tested GFS-STEALTH system that is capable of connecting to LED strip lighting, as well as GFS solar controllers which provide dimming capabilities. The systems allow the use of strip lighting that is adjustable in length and could be adapted based on different sign sizes and sign writing. The battery storage system will confidently provide power to the lights throughout the night to ensure maximum usability. The systems also provide Uniting with flexibility for their differently sized signs, with the option to use one STEALTH for smaller signs that require less strip lighting, and two or three STEALTH for larger signs.


  • Uniting were extremely pleased with the outcome of the first sign lighting project in Goonellabah, with the relationship ongoing for a second sign in Epping. Further projects are planned throughout New South Wales as they continue upgrading signage.


“From my initial contact Green Frog Systems has worked with us to deliver great results. We have had positive feedback from our contractors who have worked with them and from the residents and staff on our sites. No visual impact of the design is affected by the discreet panels and they work very well in illuminating Uniting sites.”

Wilma Robinson, Project Manager, Uniting


Uniting care Solar Sign Lighting Case Study
solar sign light uniting
solar sign light uniting
solar sign light uniting