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Lighting streets with the Sun… Builder Nation Podcast

Episode 142 🎙 | Summarised Highlights and Expert Insights


The podcast features David Wilson, CTO and founder of Green Frog Systems, discussing the company’s solar-powered lighting solutions.

Green Frog Systems aims at harnessing solar power to provide sustainable street lighting, with a notable focus on technological innovation.

Green Frog Systems Overview:

Originated 13 years ago, initially focusing on simplifying solar lighting systems.

Transition from a small garage project to a globally recognised firm with a dedicated R&D team spread across the US and Australia.

Inspiration drawn from addressing lighting needs in remote areas, creating products easy to install by anyone, promoting safety and community engagement.

Technological Evolution:

Comparison between the evolution of solar lighting technology and electric cars, emphasising the advancements over the years.

David dicusses overcoming initial challenges in durability, especially in harsh environments.

Introduction of Modular Shelter Light, a robust lighting solution designed for remote areas prone to vandalism.

Research and Development (R&D):

Transition from a one-man operation to a diverse team of specialists, addressing various challenges from ruggedisation to electronic engineering.

David highlights his Iterative development process, working closely with early adopters to refine the products.

Specific challenges like marine grade paint for beach installations and creating reliable solutions for dangerous intersections were mentioned.

Customised Solutions:

Emphasis on tailoring solutions to specific geographical and regulatory requirements.

Mention of different solar cell technologies optimised for varying weather conditions and lighting requirements across regions.

Customer-driven innovation, with additional features like cameras and environmental sensors integrated upon request.

Manufacturing Facility and Technological Advancements:

David discusses the growth of their manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas, and its positive impact on Green Frog Systems’ operations.

They note the technological advancements in battery, solar cell, and control systems in America, which have contributed to the evolution of their products.

A significant focus is on the “less is more” philosophy, aiming for lower power consumption while increasing reliability and efficiency, especially in lighting solutions.

Product Range and Maintenance:

Various lighting solutions are discussed, designed for different applications like shelter lighting, pathway lighting, and more significant roadway lighting.

Emphasis on maintenance-free or low-maintenance designs with easy upgrade options, catering to the evolving industry and ensuring the products’ long-term usability.

Community Initiatives:

A partnership with a charity organisation is highlighted, aiming to address the issue of missing persons, a prevalent concern in remote areas lacking mobile phone coverage and lighting.

The initiative involved designing lighting technology equipped with emergency alerts with an aim to expand tech to include camera systems for improving safety in these areas.

Industry Future and Green Frog’s Position:

David foresees a shift towards microgrids and the integration of solar lighting solutions with futuristic sensors for a more connected infrastructure.

Green Frog aims to provide a reliable energy source and platforms for upcoming technologies, working towards products with longer lifespans and higher reliability.

Energy Storage and Control System:

Discussion on the crucial role of battery technology and cell balancing in ensuring reliability.

Advanced control systems developed to efficiently manage solar energy conversion, storage, and lighting operations.

Business Growth and Challenges:

David discusses his transition from CEO to CTO to focus on innovation as the company scaled.

Importance of recognising personal strengths and weaknesses, and assembling a competent team to drive business growth.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Emphasising persistence, having a clear vision, and being cautious with funding sources are key pieces of advice provided for young individuals starting in engineering or entrepreneurship.


The discussion outlines Green Frog Systems as a leading pioneer in solar-powered lighting solutions, emphasising continuous innovation, customer-centric approach, and community engagement in remote areas.

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