• The Burke Shire Council approached Green Frog Systems to design a solar lighting and energy storage solution for the Burketown Shire Boat Ramp car park. Burketown is located in the far north-western Shire of Burke, Queensland and is 898km west of Cairns on the Albert River and Savannah Way in the area known as the Gulf Savannah. The Burke Shire’s remoteness is also an advantage, with world class Barramundi fishing, an abundance of bird life and well fed crocodiles. The local boat ramp is popular with locals and tourists a like seeking to take to the water and enjoy this popular boating and fishing destination.


  • The solution for the client was a six (6) cyclone rated solar powered street lighting towers fitted with high capacity solar panel arrangements and extended battery storage. Each tower has a twin 300W panel configuration and a 40W CREE LED lighting fixture delivering 7,560lm of light output. The upgraded solar panels enabled the lighting towers to harvest enough solar energy to power a specialised CCTV camera system with a live feed microwave transmission feed back to council headquarters. This system has to be 100% off grid and vandal resistant with virtually no maintenance required for operation. it also needed to endure the waterfront environment and the Queensland tropics.


  • The Burketown Shire Council was extremely pleased with the outcome of this project. The improvements to the wharf and boat ramp were complimented by the addition of lighting which has increased the utilisation of this community asset after dark. The additional safety advantages of a constant CCTV feed will continue to deliver a safer community area for cars, boats and people for years to come.


burkshire boat ramp case study
solar cctv and energy storage at burkshire shire boat ramp
solar cctv and energy storage tower at burkshire shire boat ramp, Queensland

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