DPTI requested a solar lighting solution for a highway rest stop that would provide adequate light and is secure from battery theft. Existing lighting at the site was not functioning as the batteries were continually stolen. No active lighting at the site meant that drivers had very little visibility when exiting their vehicles which increased the risk of vehicles or people being hit by other incoming vehicles. There was also significant expense to continually replace missing batteries.


The solution supplied by Green Frog Systems was for one GFS- STEALTH solar path light to replace the existing fitting and for the battery box at the base of the pole to be left visibly empty. The STEALTH is an all in one product so there are no visible batteries or cables to worry about and the entire unit is housed 6 metres high inside a 4mm cast aluminum shell. The old battery enclosure was deliberately left open and empty to deter would be thieves and the unit was an easy retro fit to the mid-hinge pole (security tool required to lower). The abandoned fixture and solar panel were removed and the new STEALTH light spigot adaptor mounted directly onto the existing pole.


DPTI have since reported that the newly installed STEALTH light is functioning well and there have been no signs of any acts of theft or interference since the fixture was installed. The STEALTH light was designed with vandal and theft resistance as a key feature. The die-cast outer shell, vandal resistant lens and impact resistant solar panel make it an ideal solution for applications that are prone to acts of theft or vandalism.



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