The clubs existing mains powered lighting only provided partial illumination for the car park and was a general safety concern with poor lighting levels for the numerous elderly members of the club tripping or falling as well as general security concerns. Expanding the existing mains powered lighting systems would have been costly due to cutting and trenching through existing bitumen not to mention disruption to the club with the extensive ground works.


To adequately illuminate the car park ten (10) x GFS-200 solar street light units were deployed, eight of these set to run the standard 30W constant light all night program and two lights running a custom 60W setting. Green Frog Systems recommended this setting change to reduce the number of lights required to reach the level of illumination requested by the club.

This custom configuration was possible due to the circumstances specific to this site. The club is located in a deeply residential location which would be impacted by the brightly lit car park should it run all night. A decision was made by the client to operate the lights for six hours after dusk which would safely cover the operating hours of the club without impacting the local residents unnecessarily. This operating profile would also extend battery life as the system would only use 10-20% of the harvested power and reduce the chances of excessive battery discharge.


Onkaparinga Council issued a tender for supply and install of the GFS200 lights and moving one of the mains powered lights. Once the project was completed, positive feedback was received from the Bowling Club members commenting “Good lighting around the car park and particularly the access stairs down to the club rooms and bowling green.” This was a particularly good outcome with greatly improved safety and security for the club members with little disruption to club activities during the installation and no light disturbance to residents neighbouring the club.


case study christies beach bowls club
solar car park lighting at christies beach bowls club
solar car park lighting at christies beach bowls club

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