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Construction is planned to commence early September 2019 for The City of Victor Harbor’s Waitpinga Road / Battye Road Intersection Upgrade, which includes the implementation of 10 Aspire Solar Street Lights meeting V Category lighting requirements.

The Aspire Solar Street Light is a brand-new product from Green Frog Systems, utilising the latest in solar and battery technology to demonstrate that solar lighting solutions can reliably compete with mains powered lighting. Using the power of the sun, energy storage and smart controllers, the Aspire can successfully bring light to large roadways and intersections that are required to meet V3 and V5 Category lighting standards.

The City of Victor Harbor are upgrading the intersection to improve safety for vehicles. The Aspire can successfully provide this desired outcome while adding the benefits of stand-alone lighting solutions; no need for expensive trenching or cabling, zero ongoing grid/energy costs and little to no maintenance costs.

The project is expected to be completed by late October 2019 (weather permitting).

lighting plan for VHC roadway upgrade
lighting plan for VHC roadway upgrade

The independent lighting plans conducted for the site prescribe the precise amount of fixtures needed to achieve the required illumination levels for the intersection upgrade.

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