Green Frog Systems is passionate about shaping the future of smart communities through the delivery of world-class sustainable technologies. Our product line has been purpose built to maximise the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, to ultimately keep our environment and communities safe.

You might be wondering, how does it work?
Solar street lights are powered by small, rotatable solar panels fixed to the top of a pole. These panels are made up of photo-voltaic or solar cells that convert sunlight into a direct electrical current which can then be used to power electronic systems. Photo-voltaic cells are created by using two pieces of semiconducting materials such as silicon, one piece of which is given a positive electrical charge and other, a negative charge, which then creates an electric field. This is what charges the lithium iron battery throughout the day. Lights are automatically activated at dusk when night-time is detected through the rapid drop in solar charge voltage. The charge controller detects that the charge cycle has finished and then illuminates the light automatically. Excess electricity generated during periods of sunlight are channeled to an in-built battery storage system, where it can be retained for later use.

High quality solar street lights should be able to store enough power in the battery to operate without charge for several days without any reduction to light brightness. This will also ensure that the lights will continue operate even on particularly cloudy and overcast days.

  • Benefits :
  • Tried and tested in Australia to meet some of the harshest conditions on the planet.
  • Offers an environmentally friendly, off-grid solution for outdoor lighting.
  • Save on Energy and Installation Costs.
  • Illuminate any outdoor area without electricians or trenching costs.
  • Engineered for simplicity in an easy to assemble kit form.

Let us find the right solution for you.

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