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Approved by the LA bureau of street lighting

Stealth Light Approved by Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting

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Approved by the LA bureau of street lighting
Green Frog Systems is continuing to make waves in the US lighting market. The 2020 LUX award winning GFS-Stealth light has just gained the approval of The City of Los Angeles, California Bureau of Street Lighting for use on bike paths throughout the County.
The strict testing and evaluation process conducted by the Energy Efficiency Division saw the 3000K / T3 lens variant being introduced to the LED Non-Cobra Approved Vendors List for 2021.
This will likely see many of the smaller towns and cities in California following LA’s lead, taking advantage of this ultra reliable solar powered fixture for their own cycle-ways.

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10 Years of Green Frog Systems

Green Frog Systems Celebrates 10 Years

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10 Years of Green Frog Systems

Green Frog Systems Proudly Celebrates 10 Years of Solar Lighting Innovation

David Wilson, CEO of Green Frog Systems stated “It’s with great honour that we announce that Green Frog Systems has crossed yet another milestone with April 12th 2021 marking 10 years in business and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished.

From humble beginnings in a small garage in suburban Adelaide to being one of the worlds leading solar street lighting and energy storage suppliers to many governments around the world it shows what Australian innovation can do.

Without the dedicated support of our amazing staff, agents, distributors and resellers globally, none of this would have ever been possible.

As we revisited the many milestones we have crossed over these years it’s easy to see what a journey it’s been and how the evolution in technology and a shift towards renewable energy is shaping the future for the better.

Finally and most importantly, we are so very grateful to our loyal clients who have put trust in us to help them find the right lighting solution for their projects using clean and green renewable options.

Green Frog Systems awarded Exterior Luminaire of the Year at 2020 Lux Awards

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Green Frog Systems is awarded the Exterior Luminaire of the Year award for the Stealth with SAM solar light at the 2020 Lux Awards (UK) by a team of expert judges.

David Wilson, CEO of Green Frog Systems Australia, said in interview; “This truly is a terrific result for the Green Frog Systems and Acrospire Products collaboration. The STEALTH is a relatively new product to the UK market and has undergone significant technical redevelopment to ensure reliable performance through UK weather conditions. So being recognised with this award is a real accolade.”

The independent panel of judges consisted of experienced lighting professionals, designers and end users of lighting and for the first time in history the trophy winners were announced in an innovative, online ceremony watched by lighting professionals all over the world.

Stealth all in one solar light

The judges described the Stealth as a step change in all-in-one solar luminaires. It features some of the most advanced technologies seen in this type of product, including a best-in-class mono-crystalline panel and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, all combined with a sophisticated solar energy management system.

The standout feature that set the Stealth solar light apart from the other entries was the integrated SAM IoT hardware (Solar Activity Monitoring). This patented platform enables remote monitoring and control of individual solar lighting assets from a centralised access portal. The system is capable of real-time modification of operating profiles and live error reporting via secure cloud based servers on the cellular network.

The aim of the Stealth solar light with SAM capabilities was to build the most advanced, all in one solar light capable of the sort of high-end performance that was previously only seen in much bulkier and give it a contemporary, modern exterior. Something that did not look anything like a ‘traditional’ solar light but more like a sculptural element for modern outdoor environments.

Compact form featuring high quality components produce an outstanding result with this product delivering one of the most reliable all in one solar lights available which is being consistently chosen by city planners, outdoor architects and consulting engineers for its performance, appeal and ability to deliver illumination across a site while avoiding significant costs and ground disturbance when compared to grid tied lighting systems.

solar bike trails tracks and pathways

How Solar Lighting Makes Communities Safer

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How Solar Lighting Can Make Our Communities Safer

A recent article published in the Morning Peninsula News highlights the community push for safely illuminated public spaces such as pedestrian walkways.

A local resident of Mornington Peninsula Shire, Victoria, launched a public campaign to have lighting installed at a nearby overgrown path that is often busy with pedestrian thoroughfare.

They are concerned with the safety of their local neighbourhood and are campaigning for a well-lit and maintained walkway to drastically reduce the risk of community safety being compromised.

The goal behind the campaign is to significantly reduce the chances of slips, falls and people lurking around by being provided adequate lighting and regular maintenance of the walkways.

Read the full article here.

solar bike trails tracks and pathways

The Hard Facts

Evidence supports this demand; Community Crime Prevention Victoria found that by having lighting in public spaces can be an effective crime prevention tool to improve surveillance and increase the risk of offenders being detected. In addition to this, people can feel safer in well illuminated areas, increasing activity, which can further improve secondary surveillance and therefore deter crime.

Further to this, a major study conducted in New York City found that the installation of street lighting reduced night-time crime by 39%.

The study, which was developed by the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab in conjunction with multiple government stakeholders, designed a randomized controlled trial involving 40 odd public housing developments, all of which had elevated levels of crime, and half of which received new lights and half did not.

The findings of this study have shown that it is possible to consecutively reduce crime and the local jail population, through the installation of streetlighting.

You can access the results and full report here.

The Bottom Line

Here at Green Frog Systems, we are strong advocates for illuminating parks, pathways and opens spaces with clean, solar energy to improve public safety.

However, the biggest challenge that organisations and businesses face with installing lighting in public spaces is the bottom line –cost.

One of the many benefits with solar lighting is that it eliminates the need for groundworks, saving local authorities and facilities managers money on installation and by reducing power consumption.

Thanks to solar lighting technology, essential projects that were previously deemed unviable due to high installation costs are now possible.


For more detailed information on how to design lighting for crime prevention, we recommend referring to this resource

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global partnership with CU Phosco Lighting

Global Partnership with CU Phosco Lighting

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Green Frog Systems solar lighting are pleased to announce a joint partnership with CU Phosco Lighting (formerly known as Concrete Utilities). This collaboration between the world-class manufacturers will see future development of a range of co-branded products featuring cutting edge solar harvesting, energy storage and power management technology and CU Phosco designed luminaires.

CU Phosco Lighting is the longest established and premier exterior lighting group in the UK. They design and manufacture exterior lighting luminaires, floodlights, lighting columns and masts. Their lighting columns and masts range from 3 metres to 60 metres in height and can be seen on roads, motorways, at airports and ports, in shopping centres, housing estates and sports stadiums throughout the world.

CU Phosco’s founder Charles Albert Marques M.B.E. was originally from Adelaide, Australia. He enlisted in the Australian Expeditionary Force in 1914 to fight in the First World War and with his father he was sent to Gallipoli and France. After the war both father and son decided to settle in England where they started Concrete Utilities Ltd.

Earth Hour 2020

Lights out for Earth Hour

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Press Release >>

Earth Hour 2020

Prominent solar lighting technology company Green Frog Systems is one of many companies and businesses that will turn the lights out on Saturday March 28 as part of Earth Hour.

Green Frog Systems is turning the lights off at their company headquarters in South Australia and USA head offices on Saturday March 28 2020 as part of Earth Hour, the global conservation movement. All mains powered lights at the Green Frog Systems Australia head office at 51 Langford Street will be switched off for one hour between 8:30pm and 9:30pm as part of one of the largest global grassroots movements for the environment.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) began Earth Hour in Sydney, 2007 and each year thousands of businesses and individuals show their commitment to the environment by turning off their lights.

WWF encourages Australians to participate in Earth Hour 2020 by switching off their lights for one hour to show their support for Australia to get back on track to meeting its international climate commitments.

Green Frog Systems is actively helping Local Government and businesses of all sizes to reduce their emissions by designing and developing a range of highly energy efficient, solar lighting systems capable of replacing utility grade street lighting, without an electricity grid connection and zero carbon emissions once installed.

The company also designs solar energy storage systems for Local Government on sporting facilities, public spaces and community assets. These systems provide power to multiple devices including irrigation controllers, communication towers and security cameras, further helping Local Government reduce its carbon footprint without obstructing the development of community assets.

Studies have drawn a noticeable relationship between neighborhoods that encourage after hours activities in public spaces by improving accessibility to them, with generally happier ­people, a greater sense of community inclusion and overall healthier residents.

Turning the lights off for Earth Hour 2020 is a symbolic gesture of solidarity in the global effort to reduce harmful carbon emissions and we encourage everyone to make this statement with us and participate wherever they can.

For further information regarding Earth Hour you can visit



Cyclone Damien no match for GFS-200

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Cyclone Damien brought wind speeds of 194km/hr but didn’t leave Karratha completely in the dark with 288 GFS-200’s safely illuminating the streets and pathways when mains lighting supplied by the power grid had failed.

Full story here >

Tropical Cyclone Damien struck the WA cast earlier this month as a category 3 severe tropical cyclone at around 3:30pm on Saturday the 8th of February bringing with it severe, destructive winds, torrential rainfall and storm surges. The recorded rainfall for the region was 235.2mm received by 9:00am Sunday with about 10,000 residents affected by power outages and intermittent phone reception and over 100 calls for assistance.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said Karratha and Dampier residents were hit with the brunt of the storm with Karratha residents surviving the hardest impact as the eye wall crossed directly over them. Tropical Cyclone Damien was the third tropical cyclone for the season but the first to be classified as severe.

solar powered street lights in Karratha Wa
solar street lights - Karratha WA

Weather conditions in the Pilbara region can be some of the harshest in Australia. The City of Karratha had trialed other solar lighting products in the past but few could endure the punishing conditions.

Green Frog Systems have established a name in this space, designing high performance solar lighting to withstand extreme environments such as these and agreed to supply the City with GFS-200 Solar Street Lights. These units carry a cyclone rated structural design (Region D – Severe Cyclonic ) and will reliably continue to operate through extreme temperatures, storms and flooding.

Since 2017 Green Frog Systems have worked with the City of Karratha, deploying almost 300 solar street lights with another shipment set for delivery. The City has been so impressed with the GFS-200 solar street lights that they have identified Green Frog Systems as their preferred supplier for all solar powered lighting.

From nearly 300 installed only three (3) solar street lights were damaged during Cyclone Damien from flying debris.

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TUV testing certification header

Green Frog Systems Awarded cTUVus Certification

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Green Frog Systems’ flagship products have successfully earned the cTUVus mark which meets UL standards and is recognised by the NRTL in North America, encompassing the United States and Canada.

Green Frog Systems, Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of solar lighting products and energy storage systems, today announced that their range of Australian designed solar street lights and solar pathway lights have successfully passed rigorous UL equivalent testing by the TÜV SÜD laboratory and been awarded the cTUVus Certification mark. The certification is yet another layer on the companys foundation for market expansion into North America, as well as exemplifying the safety of their product ranges into further global arenas.

Being one of the first solar lighting companies to achieve certification of a UL standard, testing proved challenging and was a learning curve for both Green Frog Systems and the testing house as very few low voltage DC devices undergo this level of testing. Solar lighting systems have different components to mains powered lighting alternatives, which meant the testing house were having to determine the appropriate and applicable testing systems for these new technologies.

TUV testing certification header

“When we first began this process in early 2018, there was a lot of back and forth with the testing house, bringing a product based on solar lighting technology they hadn’t had experience with. Achieving this certification confirms not only the safety and durability of our products, it highlights our place at the forefront of reliable solar technologies.” – Kingston Lim, Product Engineering Manager at Green Frog Systems.

TUV test labs

The cTUVus mark and certification provides proof of compliance with UL 1598:2019 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 250.0-18.

The following products have been certified:

GFS-Stealth Solar Light

GFS-MSL Solar Shelter Light

GFS-200 Solar Street Light

GFS-200-ESS Solar Energy Storage

GFS-400 Solar Street Light 

GFS-400-ESS Solar Energy Storage

Victor Harbor solar roadway lighting project

Solar Roadway Lighting Project Commences

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Construction is planned to commence early September 2019 for The City of Victor Harbor’s Waitpinga Road / Battye Road Intersection Upgrade, which includes the implementation of 10 Aspire Solar Street Lights meeting V Category lighting requirements.

The Aspire Solar Street Light is a brand-new product from Green Frog Systems, utilising the latest in solar and battery technology to demonstrate that solar lighting solutions can reliably compete with mains powered lighting. Using the power of the sun, energy storage and smart controllers, the Aspire can successfully bring light to large roadways and intersections that are required to meet V3 and V5 Category lighting standards.

The City of Victor Harbor are upgrading the intersection to improve safety for vehicles. The Aspire can successfully provide this desired outcome while adding the benefits of stand-alone lighting solutions; no need for expensive trenching or cabling, zero ongoing grid/energy costs and little to no maintenance costs.

The project is expected to be completed by late October 2019 (weather permitting).

lighting plan for VHC roadway upgrade
lighting plan for VHC roadway upgrade

The independent lighting plans conducted for the site prescribe the precise amount of fixtures needed to achieve the required illumination levels for the intersection upgrade.

Telstra Business Awards

Telstra Business Awards Finalists

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Green Frog Systems Named Finalsists at the Telstra 2019 Business Awards

Last night the Telstra SA Business Awards were held at Adelaide Oval, celebrating the success of 24 South Australian small and medium businesses as finalists in four categories – Emerging and Energised, Medium and Making Waves, Small and Succeeding and Social Change Maker.

Out of a record 21,000 nominations nationally, Green Frog Systems was selected as one of 24 finalists for the Telstra SA Business Awards in the Medium and Making Waves category. This is a testament to the hard work and determination of the team throughout the last 9 years, especially over the more recent years as the business continues to expand globally and helps more communities gain the benefits of sustainable technologies.

CEO David Wislon Accepting Telstra Business Awards

While we didn’t take out the big win, we see ourselves as winners and are beyond proud to be selected as a business that is ‘kicking goals in every area’ out of over 143,000 small to medium businesses in South Australia. The night was a perfect way to celebrate the business and not only how far it has come, but the opportunity for continued growth into the future.

It was extremely humbling to be surrounded by so many other fantastic businesses that are successfully growing and progressing in their journeys and congratulate all finalists and category winners.

Our team certainly put on their best evening wear and enjoyed the night, you can take a look at some photos below.

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Proudly Celebrating 10 Years of Solar Lighting Innovation